Janice Lintz: Become The Champion Of Your Cause

In today’s episode, CEO and overall powerhouse Janice Lintz reveals how she became an influential advocate for people with hearing loss and explains how you too can go to battle (and win!) for the causes that matter most to you. During our conversation, we also discuss the importance of tearing down old processes and unpack why coming at issues from multiple angles will lead to big moves.

Topics include:

  • How her daughter’s hearing loss spearheaded her cause (and career)
  • Why doing the same old things will only lead to same old results
  • Drilling down the real problem so you can create solutions
  • Why having an inquisitive nature will get you in front of the right people
  • Tapping into your hidden networks (by letting people know what you’re looking for)
  • Her process for managing relationships
  • Why making people a little nervous can be a good thing
  • Why chronicling information is way more important (and effective) than you think
  • Why you really need to follow through
  • And so much more!

Janice S. Lintz is an accomplished consultant/advocate across the hearing access, advocacy and related political spectrum. She is the CEO of Hearing Access & Innovations, which is the only company dedicated to helping the world’s businesses, cultural and entertainment institutions, government agencies, and mass transit organizations improve their accessibility for people with hearing loss. She is also a travel/consumer education writer. She has traveled to 194 countries, territories and unrecognized nations.

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