Helen Tremethick: How To Craft Your Own Brand Voice

As a branding strategist, Helen Tremethick thrives on helping people find and grow a personal voice that resonates with audiences of all sizes. And today she tells us what it really takes to make that happen. During our chat, we also talk about the important role experimentation—and failure—plays in growing your business.

Topics include:

  • Our businesses evolve just like we do (and what you should do about it)
  • Why working with others is key to achieving bigger goals
  • How she defined her own voice (and built her business around it)
  • Why you’re probably using templates wrong (and how to use them instead)
  • The importance of connecting with complementary service providers
  • Why you never want to sound cookie-cutter
  • Genuine outreach vs. procrastination projects
  • How to say no
  • And so much more!

Helen Tremethick is a brand voice strategist & business coach who helps entrepreneurs find the courage, confidence, and clarity they need to show up, grow, and scale their businesses. Over the last decade, she’s helped hundreds of businesses find the words and strategy they need to get the clients they want. Helen works out of an old farmhouse in the middle of the Ontario countryside, which means if you ever hop on a coaching call with her, you might hear roosters.

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