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  • Ian Garlic: Going For The Three-Point Shots When It Comes To Your Marketing (from the archives)

Ian Garlic: Going For The Three-Point Shots When It Comes To Your Marketing (from the archives)

In today’s archival episode, I’m taking a look back at my conversation with Ian Garlic – host of The Garlic Marketing Show and CEO and Founder of AuthenticWEB Video Marketing Agency. Listen is as we chat about the shifting environment of video marketing, relationship building in the age of social media, and how to harness the power of video in your efforts.

Topics include:

  • Ian’s journey through the bursting of two industry bubbles (and the lessons he learned from each)
  • The beginning of Ian’s business and the process he went through to build his customer base (as well as the most important lesson he learned)
  • The truth about “unicorn” status and what most people forget about it
  • Why focusing on fast lead generation is causing so many problems (and what you need to be focusing on instead)
  • “Being Prometheus” and what it can do for your business
  • How Ian works with his clients
  • The most important thing you should know when deciding who to work with
  • A different model for doing videos that focuses on your clients words (not just yours)
  • And much more!

Ian Garlic is a storyteller, and his primary vehicle for story is video. His company, authenticWEB, is a digital marketing agency that specializes in Video Marketing, SEO, and Website Design. With his company he has produced hundreds of videos for a variety of professionals, including videos that convert and rank exceptionally well on Google and YouTube. Prior to founding authenticWEB, Ian worked in New York City as an Internet Marketing Consultant for Thompson Reuters, the world’s largest information company. Ian believes there is nothing better than getting a call from clients that say, “That worked so well! What’s next?”

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