Andréa Marcucci: What Do You Find Fulfilling?

When the universe speaks, Andréa Marcucci listens. And in doing so, she found everything she needed to change her life and career trajectory. And now as a transformational life coach, Andréa is helping others do the same. Today she reveals how she does it. We also talk about her new hit podcast—What Do You Believe?—and explore why the key to having a happy and successful career comes down to finding what’s truly fulfilling to you.

Topics include:

  • Really asking yourself what do you want?
  • Why being your true self will give you more to offer
  • Finding the balance between wanting security and pursuing personal fulfillment
  • Using your superpowers in new and unique ways
  • Maintaining relationships while shifting businesses
  • The pitfalls of categorizing your connections
  • The true power of collaboration
  • Her methods for keeping her network super organized
  • The importance of sending positivity with your correspondence
  • Having the courage to ask deep questions
  • How she curates her podcast guests
  • The art of saying no
  • The true importance of kindness and gratitude
  • And much more!

Andréa Marcucci’s life experiences as an advertising executive, film agent, entrepreneur and transformational coach have led her to who she is today. Andréa uses her intuition and empathy to navigate the intricate and personal stories of those she speaks with on her podcast What Do You Believe? Andréa’s passion is to share stories that move, inspire and activate her listeners.

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