John DeMato: The Art of Persuasive Visual Storytelling (And Why It Matters)

After an intense moment in his life, John DeMato decided to switch gears completely and pursue his dreams of becoming a photographer. Today John is not only a master behind the lens, he’s also the wizard behind the art of persuasive visual storytelling. In today’s episode, he reveals why building visual connections between you and your audience is the key to telling a meaningful story and growing a business.

Topics include:

  • How the needs of one client helped him discover his niche
  • A deeper view into the art of persuasive visual storytelling
  • The relationship between photography and trust
  • Why video and photography are a power team (and how they can improve your business)
  • The biggest mistakes people make when posting photos on social (and what to do instead)
  • Are you the same person in your older photos? (And what the answer has to do with your credibility)
  • Getting comfortable in front of the camera
  • What you really need to ask yourself before working with a photographer
  • The real role the photographer plays in your projects
  • Why you shouldn’t be afraid to be yourself
  • How good-old-fashioned email helps with relationship building
  • And much more!

John DeMato is a branded lifestyle portrait + virtual photographer who serves speakers, trainers, consultants and other expert business owners to create an emotional connection with their audiences through persuasive visual storytelling.

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