Shalom Klein: What It Takes To Build A Community

In today’s episode, radio host and prominent community activist Shalom Klein breaks down everything you need to know about building (and organizing) a thriving community. During our conversation, Shalom also reveals why you should learn something from everyone you interact with, and unpacks why leading with honesty will leave people feeling truly inspired.

Topics include:

  • Taking the time to think about the logistics behind your events (big or small)
  • Following your opportunities
  • Working smarter (not harder) when it comes to organizing a growing network
  • Why you need to block out time to do your scheduling
  • Why vulnerability creates deeper connections
  • Relationship acquisition vs. retention
  • Why LinkedIn should be your best friend
  • The true power of reconnecting with people
  • Why you need to be both strategic and humble
  • And much more!

Shalom (Scott) Klein is a well-regarded community activist and entrepreneur. Scott is a published author who hosts the popular Get Down to Business radio show in Chicago and serves as an Officer in the US Army Reserves (Military Police), as well as the Chairman of the Village of Skokie Economic Development Commission.

Shalom is a doctoral candidate and holds a Master’s Degree in non-profit management. He is an active leader for the Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR).

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