Dr. Jim White: Doing Business With Character And Integrity

Dr. Jim White has built an incredibly diverse career—from salesman and entrepreneur to psychologist and bestselling author. But the one common thread throughout his story is his passion for helping people. In today’s episode, Dr. White breaks down everything you need to know about doing business with trust, integrity, and confidence. He also unveils some killer financial advice that every entrepreneur should take to heart.

Topics include:

  • Taking the time to share your expertise (on any and every platform)
  • The importance of reflecting on your mistakes so you can successfully start over
  • Looking for ways to do things better
  • Why you need to have honest conversations when your business takes a down turn (with others and with yourself)
  • Not limiting your power by hiding in victim mode
  • What it really takes to buy a business
  • Trusted steps to building trust with another company
  • Setting specific goals
  • Creating value for your customers and community
  • The importance of improving both your skills and your character
  • And so much more!

Dr. Jim White is Chairman and CEO of Post Harvest Technologies, Inc. and Growers Ice Company, Inc., Founder and CEO of PHT Opportunity Fund LP, and Founder and President of JL White International, LLC. He is the author of several acclaimed books—most recently, Opportunity Investing: How to Revitalize Urban and Rural Communities with Opportunity Funds. He is also author of the bestseller What’s My Purpose? A Journey of Personal and Professional Growth, which has been lauded by such industry leaders as Steven M.R. Covey and Jack Canfield. Dr. White holds a B.S. in civil engineering, an MBA, and a doctorate in psychology and organizational behavior.

Jim is also the founder of the customized yearlong, leadership and management transformation process, The Circle of Success; Jim White’s Classic Movie Series; and The Red Carpet Tour. These innovative events have attracted more than 100,000 participants worldwide, including Fortune 500 CEOs, management teams, entrepreneurs, governments, and trade associations.

Dr. White achieved international recognition as CEO of Blount World Trade Corporation, owner and Managing Director of ACEC Centrifugal Pumps NV, Belgium, and as Vice President and Division Manager of Ingersoll Rand Equipment Corporation. Throughout his career, he has bought, expanded, and sold 23 companies, operating in 44 countries. Jim acquires struggling businesses to revive and develop them into profitable enterprises using his business turnaround strategy. To date, Jim has generated more than $1.8 billion in revenue.

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