Jess Ponce: Just Be You

As an illustrious media coach, Jess Ponce teaches everyone from authors to celebrities how to ace their public speaking. Today he’s revealing some of his best practices. During our conversation, Jess unpacks why effective communication—whether you’re a small business owner or an international superstar—boils down to being your authentic self.

Topics include:

  • Why communication isn’t about the words you say, but the messages you pull out
  • Why there are always opportunities to create business
  • The relationship between human connection and networking
  • Why focusing on immediate payoffs is a mistake (and what to focus on instead)
  • Purposeful communication doesn’t mean perfection
  • Holding your reputation (and everyone else’s) in high esteem
  • You have to do the hard work yourself
  • Why you can never make certain guarantees
  • Determining what makes you unique and (the impression you can leave)
  • The fine line between being authentic and polished
  • The true importance of knowing what you stand for and staying informed
  • Why you need to just do it!
  • And so much more!

Recognized as a top media coach and branding expert, Jess Ponce III uses laser-focused training to help professionals from all industries and walks of life strengthen their presentation, leadership, and media skills so they can shine when they need it most—in any speaking arena.

As the author of Everyday Celebrity: A Personal Branding Guide from a Hollywood Media Coach and A.W.E.S.O.M.E: Seven Keys to Unlocking the Speaker Within, Jess created “The Art of Authentic Self Promotion,” also known as “The A Factor®.” His expertise in media communications skills stems from his vast experience in the world of entertainment where he produced and developed programming for ABC, Warner Bros., E! Entertainment, Style, TV Guide Network, and MTV.

He is also the creative force behind Media 2×3, a US-based media company that develops individual branding strategies for influencers, media personalities, and subject matter experts. He also consults and advises TV hosts, Fortune 500 executives, creative professionals, brand ambassadors, and TEDx speakers. Corporate clients include Lucasfilm, The Walt Disney Company, HGTV, LinkedIn, The Ritz Carlton, and BNP Paribas.

Jess co-created multiple communication and public speaking programs for adults and youth as a workshop facilitator and keynote for The Awesome Group in Taipei and its affiliates in Hong Kong and Mainland China. In the United States, Jess is a professional speaker based near Hollywood where he helps others find their strengths on leadership presence, brand awareness, crisis communication, and on-camera strategies.

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