Janet Neal: Crafting A Life That Matters

In today’s episode, Next Steps Navigation co-founder Janet Neal reveals why crafting a path that honors who we are and what we believe in will lead to a more powerful, happy, and serene life. Then she shows us how we can start. During our conversation, Janet also unpacks how we can harness an explorer’s mindset when it comes to building relationships.

Topics include:

  • What it means to define your values
  • The idea of sunk cost (and what to do about it)
  • What to do when you’re overwhelmed with choice
  • Looking for future inspiration in your childhood
  • The biggest mistakes people make when connecting with people for the first time
  • Mastering the warm introduction
  • How to recover from screwups
  • Ghosting (and why you should never do it)
  • Why you should always be true to yourself
  • And so much more!

Janet M. Neal is a “Reformed Superwoman” who has learned how to lead a “should-free,” productive, joyful, and powerful life, and believes all women can do the same. In addition to her job working as a global client rep for 19 years at IBM, she founded IBM NJ’s first work/life balance initiative in 1995. In 2000 she left to follow this passion, addressing corporate work/life balance issues, through her company, Productivity Resource Group. In 2007 she added to her coaching and consulting work by founding “The Professional Women’s Center”, addressing the desire on the part of women to connect and having no facility designed to allow it. She has worked with entrepreneurs at The Institute for Entrepreneurial Leadership (IFEL) and at C3Workplace, and is currently the Founder and Queen Bee at The Superbwoman, Inc., whose mission is to provide women with the resources and opportunities to step into their innate power, for the betterment of all. And in 2020, Janet helped found Next Steps Navigation, a boutique coaching solution to help recent or soon-to-be college graduates get on their right path, taking their next steps into #adulting.

Janet is a corporate trainer and speaker and a Board Member of the NYC Chapter of the National Speaker Association. She is the author of Soul in Control: Reflections of a Reformed Superwoman and The Superbwoman: It’s All About the BE. Janet is a contributor to numerous business publications and hosts a web show called “Superbwoman Sundays at 7.” Ms. Neal holds a BS in Education from Central Michigan University and a MA in Spiritual Psychology from The University of Santa Monica. She holds ACC coaching accreditation, from IPEC coaching. Janet lives in NJ and is the mother of 3 superb young adults and 3 amazing granddaughters.

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