Karen Baines: How To Raise Your Vibrational Energy (And Make Money In the Process)

Karen Baines likes to call herself an interpreter of money and energy. Why? She has the natural ability to help people find the right vibrational energy while boosting their income levels in the process. In today’s episode, she reveals what we can do to align ourselves with the universe to make more money. We also explore how becoming more present with ourselves will lead to some pretty big things in our lives and careers.

Topics include:

  • Why there is always a next level in your career journey (and how to get there)
  • Why you can’t compartmentalize energy
  • Finding your blind spots and getting on the right frequency
  • Why we’re all here to experience happiness and abundance
  • Identifying (and navigating) your natural fight or flight responses so you can grow
  • Being in the moment and acknowledging what you feel
  • Why vibrational shifts go hand-in-hand with resistance
  • Working with the law of polarity
  • Suffering from over-givers syndrome (and what to do about it)
  • If you put your value into the universe, it will value you right back
  • The importance of giving from a place of having
  • And so much more!

Karen Baines is a conscious wealth mentor who has shown hundreds of entrepreneurs how to break through to that illusive next income level, by mastering their own unique wealth creation process.

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