JD Gershbein: Make LinkedIn Your Playground

For more than fifteen years, Owlish Communications CEO JD Gershbein has made LinkedIn his playground—and boy has he played! Not only has he unlocked everything the platform has to offer, but he also happily shares what he knows with clients so they can use it to its full potential. In today’s episode, JD breaks down the science behind LinkedIn, and explores the intellectual and emotional components of social networking.

Topics include:

  • How a middle school project inspired the name of his company
  • The relationship between LinkedIn and neuroscience
  • The pragmatic vs. the creative
  • Why generating leads should never be your motivation
  • Moving away from transactional relationships and into a human-centered approach
  • Why your network is an untapped goldmine
  • What you should do when you’re feeling overwhelmed
  • The art (and importance) of keeping conversations in play
  • Balancing content creation with cultivating connections
  • The urgency of content
  • The importance of bringing people to your best pieces of content
  • Challenging yourself to keep things fresh, creative, and improvisational every day you post
  • Why you need to protect your intellectual property
  • And so much more!

As one of the world’s first independent LinkedIn consultants, JD Gershbein is driving the conversation on personal branding and how businesses can generate growth opportunities through human-centered social networking. He delivers sustainable competitive advantage for professionals and companies looking to leverage their stories, build engaged communities, and effect positive change.

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