Meghan Lynch: How To Develop A Winning Process

Meghan Lynch is a wiz at getting things done. And as the CEO of Six-Point Creative, she helps second-stage companies clarify their vision, align their teams, and unlock their full potential. Today she’s revealing what it takes to develop a winning formula that both your teams and your clients can benefit from. We also discuss why testing fresh ideas out on yourself will lead to some major insights.

Topics include:

  • The stronger your process, the more your customers will trust you
  • Developing internal processes vs. the ones geared for your clients
  • Why the biggest learning moment for Meghan took place when hiring a team
  • What it really means to know yourself (and your business)
  • Why your clients are often on emotional rollercoasters (and what that can teach you about empathy, setting expectations, and strategy)
  • What it really looks like to be a second-stage company (and why you shouldn’t be so hard on your failures at that stage)
  • Getting into the humble space
  • The role (and power) of peer learning when it comes to building relationships
  • And so much more!

Meghan Lynch founded Six-Point Creative with a mission to help the family-owned and closely-held businesses that have become job creators and change engines in their communities compete with the goliaths. Six-Point Creative provides clients with the experience and expertise to make smarter, faster, better positioning decisions that drive growth.

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