How To Use Snapchat To Grow Your Brand

Snapchat is one of the coolest social apps out there, but it’s far more than just the latest craze for Millennials…it’s also one of the world’s best branding tools. Today experts Maxwell Zorick, Isaac Versaw and Luke Versaw tell us why Snapchat is changing the way the world communicates, and explain how brands can use it to build deeper relationships with their audiences. They also discuss the power of persona, how to take a more creative approach to content, and explore whether or not social media has replaced traditional offline interactions.

Topics include:

  • Why Snapchat creates stronger connections than any other platform
  • Developing the right social strategies
  • What Snapchat can teach you about marketing and commerce
  • Lessons on mastering new tech from DJ Khaled

As Manager of Partnerships at Purpose, Maxwell Zorick works on the frontlines developing the collaborations that both grow Purpose’s impact and empower their partners to create real change in the world. He has a background in philanthropy, politics and policy. Isaac Versaw is a writer, designer and artist. He is currently a Social Copywriter for the award-winning digital advertising agency, Deutsch. Luke Versaw is Sittings Assistant at GQ, who previously worked as a stylist assistant and closet assistant for top fashion magazines including Lucky and Condé Nast.

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