Experiment Your Way To Success

Brian Swichkow turned a Facebook prank into one of the most inventive marketing strategies to hit the Web. After writing about his high jinks on Reddit, Brian’s blog became an instant smash reaching over one million views in just a matter of days. Today he’s hailed as a marketing pro by the likes of AdWeek and Forbes. In today’s episode, Brian reveals why experimentation and having a playful attitude are the best ways to make business – and people – come to you.

Topics include:

  • Why drunken ideas are often the best ones
  • How to craft a message designed to attract traffic
  • Approaching everything with a slant
  • How to convince people that you understand them better than anyone else
  • Building relationships over new technology

Brian Swichkow is an entrepreneur, marketer, influencer, and speaker with more than a decade of diverse experience bridging the gap between digital and analog. He specializes in the strategy and execution of campaigns that both foster and convert viral traffic into targeted growth.

He founded Ghost Influence to teach interpersonal communicators how to transition and amplify their skills in the digital world. Members within the Ghost Influence community are responsible for driving more than seven million page views per day through social platforms like Reddit and Imgur. He has been featured as a marketing expert in several recent publications including AdWeek, Observer and Search Engine Land.

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