Making Live Events Work

Even in the age of social media, attending in-person events are one of the best ways to make important connections, build mutually rewarding relationships, and create new opportunities. That being said, we’ve all had our share of bad experiences and awkward mixers. What’s worse, we often blame ourselves when things don’t go as planned.

In today’s episode, we explore networking events from every angle. We ask ourselves, what separates a good event from a bad one? How can I find one that works for me, and how can I become a more active and confident participant? And for those who feel more comfortable playing host, we also reveal how anyone can throw a killer event within their resources.

Topics include:

  • How to take the “networking” out of networking events
  • Understanding your comfort level before moving forward
  • The Club Model (and why it works)
  • Creating a dynamic where relationships can form naturally
  • The importance of having an event focus

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