Why Every Great Marketer Has a Touch of Theatricality

Have you ever noticed that the best marketers, leaders and self-promoters tend to have a flair for the dramatic? Steve JobsP.T. BarnumDonald Trump? These guys knew (or know) how to put on a show…and this is no coincidence. Adding a good dose of theatricality to the humdrum world of business is one of the best ways to grab attention and gain the competitive edge. In today’s episode, we explore this idea even further, and reveal how anyone can translate the power of theater to the art of self-promotion.

Topics include:

  • Building a role for yourself (and not overacting it)
  • The importance of contrast and opposites
  • Redefining your expectations of the audience
  • Playing to people’s psychology
  • Lessons on character and immersion from Toni Collette

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