Exit Planning for A Purpose With Daniel McCraine

Daniel McCraine
Daniel McCraine

Daniel McCraine is the President of McCraine Associates, where he coaches organizations and individual leaders to clarify goals, get more leads, and generate greater profits. He began his first teaching job as a band director and worked in the insurance business doing customer service. He then felt the call to transform communities one leader at a time by founding his marketing strategy company.

Daniel is a graduate of Simpson College with a degree in music education and received his master’s degree in instrumental conducting from Drake University.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Daniel McCraine talks about making an impact on the community and the businesses people depend on
  • What are the benefits of hiring a coach to help you better target your audience?
  • Why it’s important to plan for your exit based on contingencies 
  • The misconceptions between retirement and exit planning
  • Daniel shares a story of a community business shuttering because of insufficient planning
  • What is the best piece of advice Daniel has ever received?

In this episode…

How can you better support your community through networking? What will your plan be if the unfathomable happens? With numerous tools available, how can you choose the right one for your needs?

Daniel McCraine knows the value of figuring out how to manage the risks of the unexpected. He educates small and large businesses to plan for contingencies through exit planning. Daniel is shattering the misconceptions around exit planning to ensure your community, business, and family can have a financial future. 

In this episode of Access To Anyone, join Michael Roderick as he sits down with Daniel McCraine, President of McCraine Associates, to discuss developing accountability and strategies for your business in case of an exit. Daniel talks about the benefits of hiring an exit coach, common misconceptions in the exit planning industry, and how to avoid the pitfalls of poor estate planning.

Golden Answer

If you could meet any living person, who would it be?

Daniel McCraine would like to spend time with Dan Kennedy, legendary marketing and copywriter guru. Daniel thinks Dan is a sharp guy, a fantastic business coach and consultant with a genuine focus on marketing. 


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