Finding Purpose, Power, and Peace With Dr. Dwayne Jenkins

Dr. Dwayne Jenkins
Dr. Dwayne Jenkins

Dr. Dwayne Jenkins is a cancer surgeon and mindset coach. He is a Partner and GYN Oncology Specialist at the Oklahoma Cancer Specialists and Research Institute. In his coaching, he helps clients harness the power of meditation and self-acceptance. He runs a substack called The Art of No Hard Conversations, offers one-on-one coaching, and produces a podcast entitled Words of Love with Dr. Dwayne.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • The origin story of Dr. Dwayne Jenkins and his career
  • How emotions work within professionalism
  • How Dr. Jenkins helps connect people to their best life 
  • Making time to manage relationships
  • Keys to avoid burnout and demotivation 
  • What are the best pieces of advice Dr. Jenkins has received?

In this episode…

Advice and coaching for personal lives can often feel isolated and ignorant of a patient’s career. Similarly, career advice can ignore the personal lives of people, leading to ineffective and unhelpful solutions. The best coaches are aware of both realities, and help people find harmony in themselves and integrate inspiration into their lives.

Dr. Dwayne Jenkins has made some of these lofty goals his ambition, expanding his career beyond his work as a cancer surgeon. Now, he helps people through coaching, podcasts, and his own community. What can you glean from his insights?

In this episode of Access to Anyone, Michael Roderick is joined by Dr. Dwayne Jenkins to discuss ways you can improve your personal and professional life. They talk through Dr. Jenkins’ life and the invaluable lessons he learned about himself that he now imparts to others. They also discuss avoiding burnout, managing relationships, and balancing emotions within a career.

Golden Answer

If you could meet any living person, who would it be?

Dr. Dwayne Jenkins would choose to meet with Oprah Winfrey to learn from her real life experience integrating her personal facets into one career.

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