Highlights from ConnectorCon

“What makes someone a Connector? The first—and most obvious—criterion is that Connectors know lots of people. They are the kinds of people who know everyone. All of us know someone like this. But I don’t think that we spend a lot of time thinking about the importance of these kinds of people. I’m not even sure that most of us really believe that the kind of person who knows everyone really knows everyone. But they do.”

This quote from Malcolm Gladwell played a part in inspiring Michael Roderick to create ConnectorCon, a conference for thought leaders, innovators, educators, and catalysts who are obsessed with connecting and committed to giving.

ConnectorCon 2015 took place a few weeks ago and it was a huge success. Today, Nik Parks will be sharing some highlights of the event! Because the event was so successful, there were a lot of people there. You’ll probably hear some background noise throughout this episode but we promise the content is excellent.

Topics include:

  • Is “networking” a bad word?
  • Does it help us in the long run to help and serve others?
  • Is it possible to help others without an ulterior motive?
  • How do you ask for help?
  • Is it important to build relationships with people outside your industry?
  • How to fit “networking” into a busy schedule
  • How many networking events you should attend
  • Casting a wide net vs. niching down
  • When you’re helpful, people are more likely to help you
  • Being the most interesting man (or woman) in the world

People from this episode: