How To Be the Best Damn Coach With Amanda Walker

Amanda Walker
Amanda Walker

Amanda Walker is a Certified Master Coach who inspires coaches to become better coaches. She is passionate about helping coaches and online service-based business owners get their clients massive results so they can make more money.

Before Amanda became a master coach, she worked as a health and life coach, a nutrition coach, and a business coach. Amanda holds a master’s degree in education and coaching. She is also the host of the soon-to-release Best Damn Coach Podcast and runs the premier coaching program for coaches called Best Damn Coach.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Amanda Walker recounts her journey from pre-med into coaching
  • Amanda talks about the pivotal moment when she realized she was in the right place
  • What is the biggest reason and solution for self-sabotage?
  • The pain points that a master coach addresses with her clients
  • How to help fill the industry with masters instead of imposters 
  • Weaknesses of common coaching methods
  • Amanda Walker’s vision for the future of coaching
  • The best advice Amanda has ever received

In this episode…

Coaching is a growing industry that is still very much in its infancy. Every day new coaches are popping up coaching daily life, nutrition, business, and arts, to name a few. But how do these coaches learn how to coach? Does running a successful photography studio qualify you to teach others how to run a successful studio? There are a lot of coaches in all industries that are not qualified to coach. 

This is where Amanda Walker comes in. It takes more than success in your industry to teach others to succeed, which leads to a lot of stigma in the industry. Amanda teaches business leaders how to be effective coaches for other entrepreneurs. She helps them understand how to navigate their journey as they teach others and develop their craft. 

In this episode of Access To Anyone, Michael Roderick sits down with Amanda Walker, a Certified Master Coach working to make coaching a powerhouse industry of integrity. Amanda talks about how she helps coaches develop their teaching abilities through a dynamic approach of traditional learning, role play, and tailored mentoring. She describes her vision to fill industries with skilled coaches who can create an impact on their clients. If you’re ready to venture into coaching, don’t miss this episode.

Golden Answer

If you could meet any living person, who would it be?

Amanda Walker would like to meet Alex Hormozi, an entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist. Amanda recently read his book and was inspired by his story. She felt his content was authentic, and he had a great message about service. He says to make your free stuff better than your paid stuff.

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