How To Coach and Be Coached With Kristoffer Carter of Epic Leadership

Kristoffer G Carter
Kristoffer G Carter

Kristoffer Carter is the CEO and Founder of Epic Leadership, a training organization for conscious leadership and daily meditation. He has coached and taught meditation since 2015 and was recently named to the Board of Directors for Yoga Alliance. 

Kristoffer also works as a keynote speaker and author. His latest book, Permission to Glow — A Spiritual Guide to Epic Leadership, was featured in Men’s Health, SUCCESS Magazine, NBC, CBS, and ABC morning news programs.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Kristoffer Carter’s health scare and how it led him to personal empowerment
  • How do you choose a mentor or coach?
  • Wanting to see others succeed over personal gain
  • What it means to be a true connector
  • Building quality relationships based on honesty
  • The best piece of advice Kristoffer ever received

In this episode…

Being coached is a skill in itself. A lot goes into how to coach others and be respected as a coach. While this is crucial for passing on knowledge and experience, there is the overlooked ability to receive that mentorship. Any successful entrepreneur or executive should ultimately learn both sides of the equation: continuously growing while sharing your growth with others. So, how do you improve in both areas?

In this episode of Access to Anyone, Michael Roderick talks with Kristoffer Carter about coaching, meditation, and connecting people. They discuss Kristoffer’s introduction to living with purpose and how it ties into his mentoring style. The two also touch on relationship building, helping others succeed, and how to curate potential mentees.

Golden Answer

If you could meet any living person, who would it be?

Kristoffer Carter would connect with Sadhguru to learn from a deep spiritual teacher and his perspective on the universe.

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