Marketing and Networking in the Research Industry With Jessica Josset

Jessica Josset
Jessica Josset

Jessica Josset is the President of Fieldwork’s Dallas division, a business providing focus group facilities, quality recruitment, and global project management for the market research industry. She has been with the company for more than 24 years, starting as a project manager. Her time with them has honed her skills in communication, management, and research.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • What is Fieldwork, and what does it offer?
  • How Jessica Josset and her team maintain consistency across multiple fields
  • Jessica’s approach to relationship-building
  • What is on the cutting edge of the research industry?
  • The way Jessica views herself as a leader

In this episode…

The research industry is unique. Not only does it require a peculiar breadth of experience in many fields, but it is almost entirely predicated on reliability. This means that networking is crucial, in order to establish a trustworthy brand that businesses will come back to time and time again. It is far from easy, but fortunately, many have gone before and know how to succeed within the space.

In this episode of Access to Anyone, Michael Roderick has an insightful conversation with Jessica Josset, the President of the Dallas branch of Fieldwork, to talk about her perspective in the research industry. They discuss relationship-building, leadership, and how the company has maintained consistency. The two also touch on the future of the field and how Jessica has worked with the business over the years.

Golden Answer

If you could meet any living person, who would it be?

Jessica Josset would meet Jessica Seinfeld for her ability to embody several roles in her life, her views as a leader, and her unique vegan recipes.

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