Mitigating the Workplace Culture With Scott Perelstein of Alchemie Academy

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Scott Perelstein

Scott Perelstein is the Chief Operating Officer at Alchemie Academy, where he and his wife provide training to clients to shape workplace culture, leadership, and change. At Alchemie Academy, they implement strategies to improve employee relations for a more compelling brand.

Scott graduated with a Business Management degree from Cornell University, has held a multitude of industry roles, and worked in a university setting. His background, combined with his experience, has guided his hand to help others achieve their entrepreneurial goals.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • How Scott Perelstein’s entrepreneurial past opened the world to business consulting
  • The importance of recruiting from different silos
  • Why should you protect the culture and unity of your organization?
  • Scott shares a story on why it is crucial to hire based on your brand’s growth
  • Why it’s essential to have open and effective communication
  • Scott’s tips on having awareness and courage to pull the trigger and ask for help with your goals and changing the system to enhance your brand
  • The best piece of advice Scott has ever received

In this episode…

How do you empower your employees? Are you aligned with your brand’s culture? Do you want to take a leap and revolutionize your workplace strategy?

Scott Perelstein knows the efficacy of putting value in employees and finding the right fit for your brand’s culture. He follows his guiding principle: teams working together towards a common goal is more effective than any strategy. People need to feel part of something, and creating a relationship between your brand and employees can produce a more productive team. Asking for assistance to reach goals can be difficult, but Scott knows how to implement change from the highest level to the frontlines. So, are you ready to move forward?

Listen to this episode of Access to Anyone featuring Scott Perelstein, Chief Operating Officer at Alchemie Academy, as he sits down with host Michael Roderick to talk about mitigating workplace culture. Scott shares the inspiring story of his journey from working in a university setting to starting a consulting agency with his wife. He discusses adapting to a change in strategy and hiring employees for fit and value. Get out of your own way and take the leap with this episode!

Golden Answer

Scott Perelstein answers the Golden Question: if you could have access to anyone living, who would that one person be? 

Phil Jackson is a retired NBA Head Coach and someone Scott admires not only for his basketball skills but for his effective leadership performance. He worked with the Chicago Bulls and the Los Angeles Lakers, and he knew how to find the strength of each player to create a unified team. Phil showed exemplary leadership and team development skills, and he holds a record 11 NBA Championships.

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