Streamlining Conversations Into Proposals With Reuben Swartz

Reuben Swartz
Reuben Swartz

Reuben Swartz is the Founder of Mimiran CRM and Chief Nerd at Sales for Nerds. Reuben began his career as a Software Engineer for Oracle and Microsoft while attending Princeton University for his BSE. After graduation, he was Mr. Pricer for Trilogy Software, where he worked in engine coding, sales, product management, consulting, and training. 

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Reuben Swartz explains providing the need for CRM in the marketplace 
  • Why you should focus on the buyer in front of you instead of an aspirational buyer
  • How to connect and define your target audience
  • Reuben talks about the importance of putting effort into an organized conversation 
  • Setting boundaries around the wrong people with software

In this episode…

If you’ve been trying to scale your brand using a CRM, but you’re falling behind, what steps can you take to generate growth? How can you generate structured conversations that are engaging and fun?

According to Reuben Swartz, conversations with clients can be fun — if you’re doing it the right way. When you’re scaling your brand, instilling a level of trust in your clients is crucial. You can achieve this by nurturing the relationships through conversation. If you’re a busy entrepreneur and struggling to organize customer relations, this episode is for you. 

In this episode of Access To Anyone, Michael Roderick sits down with Reuben Swartz, Founder of Mimiran CRM, to discuss achieving your mission: generating growth through CRM. Reuben talks about filling the gap in customer relationship management tools, engaging with your audience, and moving relationships through conversation.

Golden Answer

If you could meet any living person, who would it be?

Reuben Swartz would like to have a pint with Bono. Reuben is a fan of Bono’s music and writing.

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