The Framework of Project Management With Eve MacKnight of Little Owl

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Eve MacKnight served as Director of Project Management at ScrollMotion, a mobile app start-up that has published thousands of apps to iTunes since 2008. At ScrollMotion, she oversaw a bi-coastal team of 18 project managers. Before ScrollMotion, Eve was a producer for feature films and commercial projects. She has worked with Sesame Street, National Geographic, Disney, Warner Brothers, Sony, and the NFL. Eve is the Founder of Little Owl (at, a training company that advises on managing digital projects. Eve loves corny jokes.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Eve MacKnight shares her inspiration for creating a project management company
  • Eve describes her thoughts on the rapid growth of institutional knowledge 
  • What are the best practices for communication across multiple channels?
  • Eve explains her strategy toolkit for working with project management 
  • Questions you should be asking yourself about the scope of a project
  • What is the best piece of advice Eve has ever received?

In this episode…

Every great tool beings with an idea, but how do you translate an idea into something you can execute to move and scale your brand?

We all know scaling and growing a business can be daunting, from forming ideas to implementing tools for success. So, how do you move in the right direction? Eve MacKnight recommends examining the project’s scope to create a clear definition of where to start and build the project from that point. She develops strategies to align project management issues that are unique to your organization and inspiration. 

In this episode of Access to Anyone, Michael Roderick speaks with Eve MacKnight, the Founder of Little Owl, about funneling inspiration into effective project management. Eve talks about forming habits that start with the next project, transforming communication in the competitive global market, and capturing institutional knowledge in the industry. Find your moment of inspiration with this episode!

Golden Answer

If you could meet any living person, who would that be?

Eve MacKnight would like to take a moment in history and meet the 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama. It would be a tremendous experience to speak with him about Black Lives Matter, climate change, the pandemic, and his role with race and the future. 

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