Time Management Strategies To Maximize Productivity

Les Watson
Les Watson

Les Watson is the Founder and Time Lord at Get More Time, a company that provides time management training to help individuals and small businesses with productivity. Les specializes in helping small business owners who are struggling or overburdened to scale their companies and gain more time and energy. His expertise in time management has earned Les the nickname “The Time Lord.”

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • How Les Watson earned his title as The Time Lord
  • Les’ techniques and tools for making productive workplace decisions
  • How to ask for support when you’re struggling
  • Les reveals his time management strategies for organizing emails
  • Why Les prefers traditional pen and paper over electronic note-taking
  • Les’ three-step coaching model for increasing task productivity
  • What is the best advice Les has ever received?

In this episode…

When presented with a task, do you find yourself unable to decide how best to approach that task? When it comes to time management, many people struggle with decision-making. Instead, they postpone a task to avoid making a decision, leaving them overburdened and short on time.

As an experienced time management coach, Les Watson is well-versed in decision-making. His approach is simple yet effective, encouraging you to regain ownership over your life. Les’ three-tiered model helps you break up tasks, maximizing your productivity and reducing stress. Tune in to hear how you can implement Les’ strategies in your personal and professional life.

In today’s episode of Access To Anyone, Michael Roderick joins Les Watson, Founder of Get More Time, to talk about time management and productivity. Les delves into making productive workplace decisions, effective time management strategies, and facilitating productivity in all areas of your life.

Golden Answer

If you could have access to anyone, who would that person be?

Les Watson would like to sit down with Richard Branson. Richard is a British entrepreneur who, in the 1970s, founded the Virgin Group, a multinational venture capital company with more than 400 companies in various fields. Les admires his ability and what he’s created. He wants to ask Richard about his secrets to productivity. 


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