Transform and Embrace Your Core Values With Dr. Mandeep Rai

Mandeep Rai

Mandeep RaiDr. Mandeep Rai is an international best-selling author, speaker, and broadcast journalist. She is the Author of The Values Compass: What 101 Countries Teach Us About Purpose, Life and Leadership, which details how to incorporate values from other nations into your own life. She is a global authority on values, working with companies, institutions, and individuals worldwide.

She began her career working for JPMorgan, the United Nations, the European Commission, and grassroots NGOs before setting up the UAE’s first media venture capital fund. Dr. Rai studied philosophy, politics, and economics (PPE) at the University of Melbourne, has an MSc in development from the London School of Economics, an MBA at London Business School, with a year at Harvard Business School and MIT, and she holds a PhD in global values.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Dr. Mandeep Rai recommends how to quench your thirst for knowledge and experience by following your instincts 
  • How to push past feelings of confusion to discover what moves and inspires you to a more meaningful life
  • Dr. Rai conveys the voyage and legacy of her book The Values Compass 
  • An in-depth look at thought leadership and demonstrating the value of your work
  • Dr. Rai discusses prioritizing and sharing your core values
  • How can you go beyond emotion to communicate knowledge more effectively for learning

In this episode…

Are you searching to understand yourself in a profound and actionable way? Is it possible to clear the cloud of confusion and discover a more meaningful life?

Dr. Mandeep Rai travels the globe on a quest to discover the best practices to teach about purpose, life, and leadership — and she details her experiences in her book, The Values Compass. She uses her experiences to help others prioritize and follow their passion. You have the tools to transform your life — you just need to decide to create change.   

In this episode of Access To Anyone, Michael Roderick is joined by Dr. Mandeep Rai, international best-selling author and speaker, to discuss her book The Values Compass: What 101 Countries Teach Us About Purpose, Life and Leadership and how to embrace your core values. Dr. Rai talks about the inspiration behind her writing, how thought leadership skills can influence your mindset, and essential concepts to help you understand yourself better.

Golden Answer

If you could meet any living person, who would that be?

Dr. Mandeep Rai would like to sit down and have a conversation and questionnaire with God.

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